Gordon Brown Insults Labour Supporter With Mic Still On

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Altanzitarron, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Altanzitarron

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    This is absolutely hilarious. In an attempt to meet some "real" people and discuss policy before the election, Gordon Brown made a serious error. After talking to an old woman who questioned him on his immigration policy he returns to his car and began to say what a ridiculous idea it was to talk to her. He then called her a biggot...while his mic was still on. It was then played back to him on a radio show and he had to go back in person to appologise. Epic Fail Brown seriously. I bet Cameron is jumping for joy at this.

    YouTube - Brown overhead calling voter 'bigoted'

    YouTube - Gordon Brown apologies for 'bigoted woman' comment
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  2. JAdams

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    Why can't people just watch what they say?

    I'm not sure if he's trying to do damage control, but I do wonder: Does he really think she's a bigoted woman? What if he had known the microphone was still on? Would he have been so opened?

    This will really do him a blow voting-wise.
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  3. Kibi

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    The worst thing about this is that cameron will benefit as whilst there is ever growing support for the lib dems it isn't as high as the cons.

    It will pain me if we have Cameron in power it really will.

    The only hope is that in the last debate Cameron and Brown attack each other so much that Clegg can steal it (again)

    Silly Gordon. I lol'd. I loved her interviews where she originally hadn't even realised LOL.

    To be fair she was quite bigotted (in a "that generation" way) but who isn't in some respect. Oh dear.

    British politics is hillarious. Brown is indeed the new Bush for Fail Quotes!
  4. Bananas

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    My thoughts exactly. I agree with him on that matter and although not a very clever thing to say in many ways its one of those things that has to be said from time to time. I don't fault him for saying it either, politicians should not have to pussyfoot around the public, even when trying for votes. Say it as it is is more credible than a fake smile and a brown nosed comment. Im wondering how many Eastern Europeans that women has even met and what impact they have had on her life.:sigh:

    ~What concerns me most about the story is that the PM was not consciously aware he was still being recorded, for a person in his position that is a bit of a security issue, he could of done a lot worse than calling a bigot a bigot. I put this more on par with Bob Quick flashing the terrorist documents or the civil servants leaving laptops on trains.:-/
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    When I saw that clip on the our news last I definitely lol'd.
    IMO, on one hand, I felt bad for him because you can clearly tell he was irritated and felt like he was just speaking his mind in the privacy of his own car.
    While on the other hand, as a politician, he really does need to watch what he says as everyone is always out to make people of his power out to be as monstrous as possible.

    What an idiot though...I kind of wish Harper had done it, woulda made me lol even more.
  6. Kibi

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    He could have said anything.

    Part of me wonders if this was a little bit of a scam. :-/ I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything but it seems funny that they would accidently forget to stop recording him this close to elections. Someones head will be on the line at any rate.

    I quite like Gordon Brown - as a PM he needs to grow a pair but he's a lovely man. (Don't get me wrong I am not a labourite.) He gets a lot of stick bless him and actually he got left in a big pile of pooh and HASN'T done too bad to clean it up.
  7. Sorrel

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    I strongly suspect that he does, since the British left wing all say this of anyone concerned about mass immigration from non-western countries and the social consequences. There is now a taboo on this subject due to liberal domination of British institutions, it is not the Britain I used to live in years ago.

    I have just left a forum where British leftie posters throw out such insults and a lot worse at anyone against continued mass immigration, even sabotaging threads and posting KKK flags in reply to posters.

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