GOP Turns on its Pledge Within a Few Hours of Making it


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YouTube - That Was Fast

This is one of the many reasons people just don't trust politicians anymore, of any color or creed. It's all empty promises. To be honest with you, this is one tactic that has always made it difficult for me to vote Republican, this "we're for the little guy as long as it doesn't affect the big guy" ideology.



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If you buy into the name of the bill is actually what it contains then I guess you're right. Yep, the health care reform bill actually reformed health care and made health care more affordable and accessible for all!

Paid for by the democrat national committee. :lol:

Did the dems write it, did they even read it?

Do you have any idea what is in the bill Cons?


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Do you have any idea what is in my post? :)

The content of the video wasn't the focal point, it's this idea that politicians are constantly going back on what they say. It's one of the reasons people are seeking serious reform in political processes. I picked on the Republicans at the end there because you constantly hear them bickering about "the little guy" yet all their political moves are quite clearly aimed at protecting the top 3% of the country. Then you've got the democrats, who promise to fight for the people and their voice . . . and then just throw money at it.


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I think what SS was getting at is, I can say;

"I'm for Small Business!"

And then vote against a Bill that is written in a way that will in my opinion be bad for Small Business in the long run, but be titled for the Short Run thus creating a false sense of "But you said you're for? why did you vote against?.

I get what you're saying at... but that was also a Political Ad. Thats like me saying "I Dont Trust Gangs!, and Crips are the worst!" Then using Supporting evidence from the Bloods...

Spinning those kinds of situations is simply political marketing. Hell for all I know that Bill could have been "$30 billion bailout for Small Business, but to get the incentives you must become Union".


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I thought it was fairly clear it was a political ad, it's why I didn't feel the need to point it out since you know . . . we're all intelligent here :rolleyes:

SS, are you going to respond or just sit there and squawk at me?

Ice, yes . . . I know, I just said this to SS. The ad is not the point. It was more entertainment for the type of discussion I started (or tried to) in the OP and that's the incredible ability Americans have to be lied to and then vote in support of those people year after year. Things like the bills suggesting political donations be public knowledge and things of that nature, change to a broken political system that allows politicians to blatantly lie and bend the truth to their will.

I don't care about some company trying to tell me they have the best soap or that their cereal is "whole grain" (who the fuck are they kidding?) but this is serious shit that shapes our country and it needs a bit more regulation. Especially if these guys are also going to bunk up with big business.