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GOP candidate kids use Medicaid program he opposes


Free Spirit
Staff member
A Republican candidate for the office of Idaho State Representative insists he is not a hypocrite for opposing Medicaid healthcare coverage for the poor while his children benefit from the program.

GOP candidate insists he is not a hypocrite for having kids use Medicaid program he opposes | The Raw Story
I don't know, but if someone is against something and preaches against it then you do it that makes them a hypocrite. The same as it would if you had a preacher preaching from the pulpit that adultery is a sin and wrong when they are cheating on their spouse. They would be called a hypocrite for that.

Do you think he is a hypocrite for doing this?


Embrace the Suck
First off it bothers to me to know end when people think because people want to cut back on what is spent on some government programs they want to punish the poor or they want to abolish altogether. The Medicaid program, and other programs, are the major contributor to the artificial pricing we see in healthcare in the US that led to the problems we have now. If I were in Congress I would want a cut in Medicaid because 1) there is rampant abuse of the system and that in large part is why we are in the financial mess that we are in; 2) I would want to create an economic system in which more people are employed and thus DON'T NEED the assistance any longer. However, what that translates to is "YOU DON'T LIKE THE POOR HERP DERP" by many people on the Left side of the political spectrum. Quite the contrary, I want to actually help poor people, unlike many on the Left side of the political spectrum. What this guy is arguing is "Medicaid IS available and if Joe Blow down the street can use it why can't I? If you want ME off the system, no problem, then get rid of the ENTIRE system". Seems like a reasonable argument to me, but the reaction tells me is there is no substantive argument against what he is saying so people jump to logically fallacious arguments and create straw men and resort to ad hominems. Not surprising coming from a journalist, to be honest.