Google's First TV Commercial Ever


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I don't know if you guys realize this or not but Google's superbowl commercial was also its first TV commercial ever, and as far as I know its first commercial of any sort ever. (I could be wrong on that last part though).

The commercial was:

YouTube - Parisian Love

I guess the finally had the extra $3 million to break into TV advertising. As if they really needed to, but hey, it was a creative commercial. I laughed at a few parts.


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Haha. You know what! I'm sitting here in the Quick Reply box and the ad right above it is the same one in the video! "How to impress a girl" etc. How crazy.

And that is odd that they advertised only their search engine rather than all of their other things.


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It's a nice commercial, but it really begs the question:

Why does Google, of all companies in the universe, need to advertise? Do they actually think someone out there watched it and said "Wow! Google! I used to be so afraid of approaching the internet, because I didn't know where to find stuff, but not anymore!"

Odds are, if you don't know what Google is, you probably don't have the internet.


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I agree with Pretzel, it was a good commercial, but unnecessary, I think every one knows about google, it seems like a waste of money to me, then again they have enough as it is lol.


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I really loved that commercial.

As to why they did it, even though they are already so popular - Think beyond Google's search engine. Sure, the commercial is focused on that, but it makes you remember why you love Google's search engine so much, why Google is such a hip/cool/modern company. You carry this with you when making other computer choices, such as which browser to use (Google Chrome), what email to use (Gmail), etc. So the commercial is about brand endearing, not just "Hey, look at our search engine."


maybe because they started to feel "threatened" by other search engines .. ??
so people need to know once again that Google has all the answers no matter what other engines are out there ...


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I thought the Super Bowl commercial was alright. I could have sworn I've seen other Google commercials before, but maybe I'm wrong. You guys are right, Google doesn't really need to advertise. "Google" has become more than just a brand name. It has almost become its own word now, similar to Kleenex.


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It's my favorite Superbowl commercial, and not only because it's trying to impress a parisian girl haha. Did you see the parodies they're making now? I posted one in another forum about Tiger Woods version. This phenomena can catch up...make your own google commercial of your life. *nods*

Go Hybrix, make that contest....

As for them advertising, yes they prolly don't need to spend 3M for a commercial. At the same time, since it's really successful, 3M is most likely just peanuts to them anyway.