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google will pay you $10-........


Secret Agent
Staff member
That's not bad at all... Be a Google spy. :D

$10 is kind of low though... It would probably take up to an hour for one business so it's not that bad, but I would think Google would pay a bit more.

Very interesting indeed though.


not a plastic bag
I got my acceptance letter today! It will take about 5 minutes to do the survey, which google will pay you $2 for. The business will get a postcard and if they reply to the card, you get another $8. There is real incentive for the business to reply to the card. i think if you targeted the right businesses, you could easily do 4 an hour; that's counting the log time. I just have to decide if I can commit to this or not.


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Sounds good, but apparently Google has enough spies floating around in my particular neighborhood. I wonder who they are?