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Google Voice slips past Apple onto iPhone


AKA Ass-Bandit
Google on Tuesday slipped its Voice service onto iPhones by using the Web to sidestep Apple's rejection of mini-program to be given away free at the App Store.

"Today we are launching a new Google Voice mobile web app for iPhone OS 3.0 and higher and Palm Web OS devices," Google engineer Michael van Ouwerkerk said in a blog post.

Google is using "HTML5" technology that allows data-rich applications to run quickly in Web browsers, according to the engineer.

Google Voice allows users to merge their home, office and mobile phones into a single number. It also allows them to make cheap international phone calls, send free SMS messages and provides transcripts of voice-mail messages.
The application accessible on mobile browsers at m.google.com/voice lets users access a streamlined version of the Google Voice inbox and displays the Google number as caller ID.

Google and Apple got into a tussle last year over Voice, a program for which was stopped at the door of the App Store on the grounds it usurped core telephone features designed into iPhones.
Now then, what will Apple's reply to this be?


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apple:i think its good news but its google applet they will probably burst like hey its our idea and your widget..(app)

i dont know if its registerd product..:shocked:


but if it is they will low ther voices and just accept it..

conclusion: they will probably agree and accept it.
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