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Google/Verizon to ruin Internet


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I don't really understand the article. People who pay extra for their websites will have faster load time?

As far as I know, Google is mainly an Internet service and Verizon an ISP. While Verizon can control the speed of their users, how do they affect people who don't use Verizon?


Yeah, I've heard about this new deal and I've heard that it is going to kill the internet (is the artist-formerly-known-as-Prince working for either of them?) but I still don't understand how...


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I don't understand all the specifics either and how this will affect the average internet user. Gotta love capitalism though. The big corporations rule everything and just keep getting richer at the expense of everyone else.


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From the looks of it it's an internet package that will load certain websites/content quicker than others. Basically making them preferential to anything else because all other options will be slower and therefore more inefficient.

I'm not exactly sure what it is.

This helped me understand exactly what this was a bit more though. A Google-Verizon Deal Could Cripple Web Video Innovation

From my understanding (which is not by any means complete) this will not affect the average user in the slightest unless Google and Verizon somehow end up controlling most web servers.

I dug this up. It helped a lot.
Frequently Asked Questions | Save the Internet

I still don't understand how it's possible for Google to discriminate though, it honestly doesn't seem possible given the circumstances, I must be missing something.
I get it now, if companies don't pay google then they won't be able to use their service, in other words their sites won't show up in searches.
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Eye see what you did ther
Fuck this deal. If the US does this, it won't be long before other countries follow suit and do the same. I had great respect for Google. If they sign this deal, it will disappear.


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Its not about google listings or anything like that....

The basics are net neutrality is the impartiality to content on the internet. In other words, all data is equal, it does not matter if it is a skype video conference, a youtube video or someone streaming porn.

Unfortunaltly for the ISP's this means that they have no regulation over what they provide through their service. The service they provide is effectively a tube streaming content from user to user, what flows through these tubes it is out of there control. Where this become a problem is when certain users of the tubes (large companies) effectively block the tubes. This has become a problem in recent years with the high increase of video streaming where people now watch TV/films over the internet.

Currently due to net neutrality the ISP's can do nothing about this, they can control the flow but they can not control the content of the flow. What they(Verizon) are trying to do is have that they can restrict content unless that content pays extra.

A real world example of this is in the UK where the BBC iPlayer through its video streaming service is responsible for something like 10%(its a guess) of all internet traffic. Verizon (or its UK counterpart) would require the BBC to pay a fee for all video content streamed. Unless that fee is paid then other date would be given priority over that video or if the BBC paid then it could have its video streamed faster than any other data.

The problem with this is atht the internet will become tiered, so at the top you have Google and all other the big companies who can afford such fees, meanwhile the smaller companies who offer small rivalry(and the next big thing) will be cut out the deals. The end result hough as far as the end user will be concerned will be the same, all the big companies make deals so all the content still gets equal priority, only the little guys dont get invited.

Fuck this deal. If the US does this, it won't be long before other countries follow suit and do the same.
That depends on the laws in your country.

Im hoping something like this could not happen in the EU as the anti/competition legislations would make it illegal.