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Google TV


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's pretty awesome not going to lie, but like generalblue, I wonder how much this is going to cost. I'm sure it's not going to be cheap at all.


Wow!!! That's pretty impressive!! Sounds like there will be no better TV than this.


Registered Member
This is the reason these guys are going to own a small chunk of the world pretty soon, they keeping exploring everything. Even when they fails abysmally, think Google wave, they just forget about it and keep on pushing it to the limit. I am blown...


Creeping On You
As far as I can see, you'll need a special Internet TV to be able to use this. So I imagine it'll cost at least as much as a new tv =P


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, I already know plenty of people who hook their PCs up to the TV. This makes much more sense. Myself, I got a Blu-ray player that has several useful apps. on it like Netflix, Pandora, and Youtube.

I'd definitely consider getting this, depending on cost. I'm not a tech bug, I don't buy the latest and greatest anything but as the tour says, it should work fine with what I got.

I'd go over to a buddy of mine's house and check it out, he's for surely going to get it as he's a huge Google fanboy and has converted to Google-everything. Well, if they have it, he uses it.