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Anyone heard of this chatroom type thing, it's in 3D but from what I've seen of it, it does seem a little better than some others, though I don't generally go for 3D chats. It's abit slowat times though, on TVs it allows YouTube embeding which will probably be abused.

Wikipedia has an article on it here if you want to read.

Google Lively - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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You can get items on lively though, they are all free, not sure if they plan on putting charges in. If that's what you mean by shopping anyway. As for no knowing anyone, yeah with the actions it has, it can be kind of annoying to not know anyone, but I did have a decent chat with someone on it once.


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I had second life, got a free item and it was good enough to make her look like a whore; it was fun for a while the got boring, there was just nothing to do.