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Google is now worth more than Wal-Mart!


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As of today, Google is now worth more than Wal-Mart.

Market Dispatches - MSN Money

This is a pretty big checkpoint for Google stock. I'd be interested to see where the price of Google stock goes tomorrow after this big announcement.

My guess is that it will go up even more.

It's currently at $609.62 a share... [symbol]GOOG[/symbol]


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Since google is so big this was obviously coming. But google still may not be the biggest website on the internet, there is still ebay, yahoo, and aol to compete with. Maybe someday google will be the official biggest site but for now we are not sure.


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I think Google is the biggest now. Remember, they own YouTube. That's a massive chunk of internet right there.

On another note, I'm still on edge waiting to see what Google gets their hands into that isn't involved with the internet, or is barely involved with the internet. Like video game consoles, or computers.