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Google Instant (Real Bad Idea)


New Member
Hi all, first time poster to this forum....

Seeing as I have had nowhere to vent my frustration I thought here might be a good place to start:D Anyways, I have used Google for years and since the introduction of this so-called "Instant Search" it has become quite a pain in the neck. Everytime I change the setting to 100 search results and turn off Instant it defaults back to 10 searches :mad: Doesn't matter what I try it still defaults. I have now migrated to Bing in protest until Google either sorts out its bugs or gets rid of instant altogether.

Anyone else angry by this? And if you know of any other decent search engines (forget Yahoo please) let me know.



Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Google isn't storing your cookies properly. A cleared cache might fix that.