Google includes real-time data in search results


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Google has introduced so-called "real-time web" results into its search engine.
It means that Google will display information from news organisations, blogs and platforms, such as Twitter, as soon as it is published.
Google said it was "the first time" that a search engine had integrated the real-time web into its results page.
The feature will also be available on phones, such as the iPhone and handsets running the Android operating system.
"Our users will get the results as they are produced," said Google fellow Amit Singhal at an event in Mountain View in California.
"There is so much information being generated out there that getting to you relevant information is the key to a product like this."
Google announced that it would now index status updates from Facebook and all public information from MySpace. Earlier this year, it also struck a deal with Twitter to index messages or "tweets".
The real-time data will be displayed in a constantly updating stream within the normal results page.
The firm also showed off a visual search tool called Google Goggles that allows a user to take a picture with a mobile phone to perform a search.
The tool compares the image against a stored database and then returns relevant information.
"It represents our earliest efforts in computer vision," said Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering at the same event.
He said Goggles could also be used to read barcodes to retrieve information.
Source: BBC News - Google includes real-time data in search results

I was waiting for something like this, now I wonder how long it will take other search engines to follow lol.


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I've noticed for a while that Google is getting faster with updates.

'Barcode' readers is a great idea.

Maybe Barry Smith was right about the Barcode Tattoo's
[He was a bit cuckoo, but a lot of his prophesies came true. They were not necesarily mysical, but more akin to political/financial annalists.]
(To think... I got that from a 'Google real time' thread. lol)