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Google In the NASDAQ Top 100


Registered Member
Well, it's happened. Google is in the NASDAQ Top 100 List.

Too bad this is happening right now. I have a bad feeling about Google stock. I'm sure I'll be wrong (don't know diddly 'bout much financial yet), but they are getting in way over their head in trying to diversify too quickly, IMHO.

Anyone else want to weigh in on what this might mean to Google to be on the Top 100? When a stock hits that list, does it usually mean good things are destined to be or have some newbies to the list ever been delisted in their first year?

I'd hate to see Google crash and burn, but I'm concerned right now about some of their latest moves.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Wow I wish I still had my stock.. I made money on it, but looking back, I should have left some money in.

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing some rough roads ahead for Google. They need some solid competition that will make them work a little harder for their "popular vote." I like Google, but I'd also like to see some other companies jump up and give Google a good run for their money along the way.