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Google GOOG stock split?


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Staff member
I know Google is talked about all to often here, but it's a popular subject. :) Google's stock [SYMBOL]GOOG[/SYMBOL] is currently trading at a whopping $340 per share, and going up so far this weekend.

How high do you think Google will let it go before splitting? Or do you think it will become the next Berkshire?

I doubt they will let it just grow and grow without splitting, because with companies like this, they need to expand and keep moving. New buyers is always a good thing, so they need to keep the cost affordable to everyone.

I predict a 1:16 split when it hits $400. That would make every share worth $25, and would let a lot more people in on the stock. Of course when it splits the price will go up again. A great time to get in will be RIGHT before it splits..

Just my thoughts.


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I think they should just let it run, although if they split it the market cap overall will move higher.

I hate it when people mess with the markets, I hope they berkshire it.