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Google Glass hate crime


Free Spirit
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A California woman said she was attacked at a San Francisco bar and had personal belongings stolen because she was wearing Google Glass eyewear, KPIX-TV reported Monday night.

California woman: I was attacked in a Google Glass ‘hate crime’ | The Raw Story
I don't think it was alright that these people stole her glasses and purse but she was doing a little more than just wearing them. She was recording everyone in this bar and they didn't like it, they told her to take them off before it resorted to them stealing them

I wouldn't of liked it either if I had been there, I would of just left. I think the bar should not allow people to wear them.

I also don't see this as a hate crime.

What do you think? Would it make you mad? What would you do?
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I agree that this does not fit the "hate crime" scenario. I believe the business should have stepped in and either made her leave or take them off. What ended up happening was wrong, not a hate crime, but a crime.

Personally, it would not bother me to have someone wearing them in a place I was in, but also I feel it is anyone's right to not want them in use while they were there. So, I would say business need to make a stand and either clearly allow their use or not. Either way not everyone will like it, but there is always bar "B" or "C" they can try.