Google Earth


Hell, It's about time!
Who here uses Google Earth? I use it some what, but I don't know how to use it outside of scrolling around and zooming in. What other features does it have that anyone knows of?


rainbow 11!
I use it whenever I feel like taking a stroll through my town...

I'll look at my house, my school, the beach, and any random places...

It's not really up to date though... Last I checked my house had our old blue van in the drive way. We got rid of that thing years ago.


A Darker Knight
They keep them a little older for security reasons I guess. The tree that it shows in our front yard was still a sapling and now it's over 30 feet tall.


For a Free Scotland
You can input GPS coorinates and get an exact point. Wikipedia provides you coordinates for pretty much any geographical point or town that you might want to see. It's also handy for getting ahold of a city area, and figuring out which landmarks you can use to navigate around.


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I haven't used this thing in ages, I usually used it for to look around the town and check out stuff where I haven't been. Very usefull when you move into a new house and you don't know the area very well, well, it worked for me.