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Google Earth: Now You Can Drive the Streets in 3-D!


Secret Agent
Staff member
In a MAJOR breakthrough in Google's Map/Earth/programs, you can now "drive" along the streets in California and view the roads just as if you were in a car.

The Google van drove the streets taking millions of pictures from a 360 degree camera mounted on the top.

Here's a link to a site that has already found several obscurities in the backgrounds of the new street level images.

Caught On Google Maps - Featured on BuzzFeed

Have fun roaming the streets and see if you can find anything cool!

Click the following link to hop right in the drivers seat!

520 third street, san francisco, ca - Google Maps, (Zoom out and follow the arrows in the directions you want to go! You can also rotate the camera with the arrows on the top left of the image!)

(Just don't hit that guy J-walking! :D)
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