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Google Doodle Subliminal Message?


Hey, been a while, had to pop in and get some opinions here...

It's election day (finally) and Google has posted their latest doodle showcasing happy anthropomorphic letters going to vote. https://www.google.com/doodles/united-states-elections-2016

So I watched the little animation through, and maybe 5-10 seconds after it ends, it loops back to the beginning. And right as the animation starts, I noticed a little flicker. There's one extra frame that's unrelated to the surrounding animation. My curiosity was piqued... was this a mistake? a bug? could it be an attempt at subliminal messaging?

So I saved the image and found the frame so I could examine it.

At first I thought it was just some random patriotic style google image. Maybe it's a prelude to some different doodle they'll add later or something. But then I started thinking about symbolism and the impression that a savvy marketer could try to subliminally send, and I started noticing things:

-Big play/go/start button (even though it's a .gif and not a video to click play on), juxtaposed with "I Voted" text, to tell people to go vote?
-The only letter that's not blue or red is green and placed on a circle with a "don't" style strike through it. Could they be sending a message to left-leaning independents to "don't vote green [party]"?
-The red (republican) letters are smaller, with beady eyes and (unlike their usual character design and the rest of the animation) no drawn mouths. The shape of the letters kind of forms scared/shouting looking mouths.
-By comparison, the blue (democrat) letters are larger, with happy/content eyes and smiling mouths.
-Maybe something involving the red letters being on stars? I don't know enough about this kind of stuff.

So what do you guys think? Am I imagining things or reading too much into it, some conspiracy level BS? Or do you think there could be some legitimacy to this, and Google is trying to do subliminal messaging?


Registered Member
Could you be reading something into it? Could be?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't know, it could be, wouldn't put it past google.