Google Chrome Operating System


Creeping On You
My brother was showing me this the other day. He had a live copy that ran off a disc for demo purposes. It's kinda neat. It's got a nice tidy start menu, the desktop icons look nice. It's basically got a nice look and feel to it. As far as I know it's based off linux. It runs decently fast. Mind you, it's far from complete though, so who knows what the finished product will be like. But it's definitely interesting enough that maybe once it's released, I might try it out.


"There can be only one!"
I can't wait for it. It won't replace regular laptops and PC's for a while yet [<I guess<<] but it will be THE 'netbook' to have.
I think Google are the muts nuts. "In my opinion" If it were not for Google, the internet would be a lot slower and it would cost a lot more money.
Branches of Google has it's flaws, such as 'YouTube' they are right up themselves, very ignorant people, but as a whole, Google is great.
I've been looking forward to this OS for years.


yeah. since it's an internet PC you can. i guess the video said it . as far as i understood, this OS will make sure you save everything on the internet whether it's a document or a game or whatever.