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Google Chrome bug?


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Lately, I've had this issue with the Google Chrome bookmarks and was wondering if it is caused by my system, or rather is a Google Chrome bug.

If you use Google Chrome, then perhaps you can help me determine this or even correct the problem.

Recently every time I click a bookmark the mouse Icon will go into the "working" mode, but the page "working" mode icon does nothing (top left corner of page). The page I have clicked to go to will not come up by using the bookmarked section, yet the address bar changes to the selected page. The only way I am able to get to the page I have bookmarked is to use a search engine, search it, then select it.

Is this a problem others are having as well? Or is there something I should do to correct this?


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I use Chrome bookmarks and I haven't encountered that issue yet.


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All my bookmarks are working fine, and I use them most days. Try reinstalling chrome


Try to upgrade your Google Chrome browser. Maybe your beta version has this bug.
I haven't encountered any similar issues like the one you described.


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Click on the wrench icon in the top right and go down to "About Google Chrome", the browser will update automatically.

I don't believe I've ever run into this problem, if updating it doesn't fix the issue then I would suggest completely erasing the program and reinstalling it, that is a fairly safe way to make sure the problem is fixed.