Google and the War?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Rapier, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Rapier

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    I recently google mapped my brother's address in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was as if I was looking at his home from across the street. Try it. Although his home was was clearer than, let's say, small towns in NJ it shows that public technology can be up close and personal. Thinking outside of the box "shouldn't technology available to our military be far superior to google tech and data?"

    Yes, I could have said house but google mapping is satellite mapping. Home is anywhere. If I can identify a folded newspaper on my brother's front step how can we be stalemated in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  2. ExpectantlyIronic

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    If those accursed insurgents would just put on uniforms and stand out in the open, it'd be so much easier to drop a bomb on them. For some odd reason, that I can't fathom, they don't. The military can hardly be expected to plan for or handle such insolence, even with the power of Google Earth on their side.

    Plus, Google Earth tends to have wildly outdated photographs most of the time. The military needs to disperse planes to wherever if they want up-to-the-second pictures and video, and even then there's only so much they can do with it.

    As far as Iraq goes, there's just an insurgency. The only thing you can do is wait it out. I'm not sure if we have to be there to do that, or if the Iraqis can do it on their own, but that's how you do it. Unless you want to pull a Saddam and simply push the pause button on the conflict through massive slaughter and what-have-you.
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  3. Rapier

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    Quite often carrying a weapon should be a dead giveaway.

    When I lived in Philadelphia the police identified any large group of teens not involved in sports or attending an entertainment/sports event, initially, as a gang. They were usually on the money.
  4. booku

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    That's not thinking outside the box, because; yes the technology is "far superior." They use unmanned flying vehicles to scope out the land but as Ironic has stated, it's not as if the insurgents are completely stupid enough to stand out in the open like lethargic ducks on a pond. Not only that, but the insurgents favor improvised explosive devices anyways; which can be disguised as multiple things from corpses, automobiles, carts, etc.
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  5. ExpectantlyIronic

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    Militia dudes walk around Iraq with fully automatics and rocket launchers all the time, and a lot of them aren't hostile to America.
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  6. Rapier

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    It's a good start for a person of interest. Or does the EI of Nations consider that profiling.
  7. ysabel

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    I believe that the military indeed has a better satellite mapping than us ordinary folks who only have Google Earth. But they could still be wrong in the interpretation of what they see. They cannot just stop at relying on what the satellites seem to show. Without further investigation, an operation can spell disaster.
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  8. ExpectantlyIronic

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    I'm sure the military checks into that sorta thing, but you can't tell if someone's an insurgent just by looking at them. You seem to think things are far more simple over there than they are. Insurgencies are a bitch, and we have a military geared towards conventional warfare. Haven't you ever heard soldiers comment on the stresses of fighting an unseen enemy?
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  9. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    I've talked to friends that say the odd thing about the country is everyone has an AK47. The most dangerous times in Iraq is during some big celebration(wedding, soccer game..) when everyone comes into the street and starts firing their guns.
    Man, its a shame that bullets kill. That would be great fun to walk into the middle of the street and start firing a semi-automatic weapon in the air. haha...
  10. Bananas

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    Surveillance and aerial photography (that is all a satellite is) is a military invention. It has been around since WW1. As with most military tools they gradually find their uses in the public domain. What the military has access to is a good 15-20 years ahead of what is available to the public, it is often only made public once in military terms it becomes obsolete.

    The problem surveillance photography has is that it can not clearly identify who the enemy is. A great many war correspondents and the camera men who accompany them have been killed by misidentification by satellite technology. It is also a prime concern when it comes to friendly-fire onto allied positions.

    It is almost the reliance on these technologies is what is holding back the advanced nations from completing their goals. Warfare changes when you have very unbalanced sides. A car bomb or mortar attack is far more effective than a firefight for the insurgent forces for that very reason. You put a spy plane above an enemy unit they simply go underground.

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