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Discussion in 'Computers' started by MenInTights, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Not sure how many people have noticed but google adwords are much more cookie oriented than before. For example, if you are looking at NCAA football schedules and then come over to the political forum of GF, you may see an ad for NCAA merchandise. If you did this in the past, you would see a political ad in the political section.

    Another example. Right now, the adword ad above me is for a public home based high school program because I have been researching that this morning. The ad is not following GF's content, but rather my cookies.

    What this has meant for me is much higher click through rates for adsense accounts. I have received a 5% click through on my accounts that normally sees a low 3%. That's a substantial increase.

    Anyone with an adsense account noticed more money coming in from google? This new algorithm will also be gang-busters for google's bottom line if anyone is interested from that angle.
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  2. fractal

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    I don't see how Google could read the cookies some other website writes. If you were logged into your Google account, there's something known as Web History. Maybe it provides you with ads based on what you search recently?

    There's also a field called 'Referer' that gets sent to a website when you visit it. That field usually tells the site where you came from.
  3. MenInTights

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    That's interesting. Maybe it is pulling off of my web history. There is definitely something happening with google ads as the click through rates have been soaring the last few months. Now is a great time to built a simple informational website. My site is very simple, gets about 40 visitors/day and I make between $7-$10/ day. 6 months ago, I was getting the same traffic and getting $2-$4/day. Its just play money, but still $10/day for doing nothing is alright.
  4. fractal

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    How does your payment scheme work? Don't you get paid every time someone clicks on the ad placed on your website? Same traffic, more pay through more clicks implies that more relevant ads are placed right?

    It's probably more to do with the alogrithms Google uses. Google might have been observing what types of adverts were clicked on for six months and increased the number of those adverts on your site.

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