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Poll Goodies/Heroes Draft - Final Round

Vote for your favourite goodie/hero

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Sally Twit
We now have our final 5! Who will be the winner?

Vote now!


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think I should have been allowed to break the tie between Arya and Forrest Gump in the last round since they were both characters of mine. Meh.

I guess I'll go with Gump here. Don't want him to get shut out.


I'm serious
I need to think a little whether I want to go with Tyrion or Daryl. Tough choice, but Batman is going to win in anyway, so it doesn't really make a difference which way I go.

I do wish Arya made the final though. :-/


Well-Known Member
Batman is amazing. Greatest hero of all time? Quite posssibly. The cartoons were entertaining and the Dark Knight Trilogy was superb. I know a ton of people that just love Batman to no end.

I'm voting for Gump anyway.


No Custom Title Exists
Batman will win this but I voted for Daryl! If he doesn't win, I will neg rep everyone who voted for someone else!


I'm serious
I decided on Daryl as well, and not because Vidic scared me into it. :lol:

I really do like the imp, but who doesn't love a a man with a bow and arrow (hmmm, Legolas). Besides, if a Zombie Apocalypse did ever come around, we're all going to want a redneck in our group. ;)


:lol: @ Gump getting two votes. NONSENSE!

I voted for Tyrion. Batman or Daryl will probably win, but I went with my second favorite character currently on TV (Rick being the first).


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I voted Batman!

I dunno who Lannister or Dixon are and Batman was much better than Gump and Jones