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Goodbye JanuaryLou


Lion Rampant
It wasn't awful, but I'd hardly consider this one just past a month that'll stand out in memory. How would you rate yours? Pretty damn good, I hope.


Registered Member
Some parts were awesome, some parts scuked - overall, not too bad.


Babeasaurus Sex
Meh it went so fast I cant tell! lol

Although a lot happened - I had a holiday a birthday and my lil brother is not so little any more :(



Where is my Queen?
Not the best month. Corporate came in and raided our office, luckily survived the onslaught. Then got sick and missed a week of work and school. MaryLou got banned to put icing on the cake. *sob* Horrible month.
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It was bad and good. It had a lot of tension and unexpected events. But I'm glad I could figure out some of them.
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