Goodbye Forever


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Just thought i would post a poem I read the other day :)

A hand full of lies
A heart full of pain
A lot of memories
burn in my brain

An eye full of tears
A mouth without voice
A life without you
that is my choice

My screams can't be heard
A smile can't be found
You won't see my face
Cause I'm not around

You had me once
but never again
Goodbye forever
this is the end

Does anybody else think this poem is amazing? :-o
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Nah... xD it wasn't me who wrote it Andrew... x)

I saw it on a web page and decided i should put here.. =)
The author signed as anonymous so i can't give credit to whoever wrote it.. =/


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I think it's not too hard to guess why they wrote this.. xD

like Andrew said the person who wrote this must have broken up recently with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend.


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Good poem, who wrote it?

At first when I saw the thread title I thought that you were saying that you were going to leave the forum.