Good Will for Book Shopping


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Anybody ever buy books at the Good Will? I was just there today checking out what books were available and I considered picking up a bunch of Tom Clancy titles.

They had several good to perfect condition hardbacks for just a buck or two each. :)

Beats the library and definitely beats buying new. Anybody else a fan of used books? :D
I love used books! I don't usually go to Goodwill for them, though, since there are two amazing secondhand/used bookstores in my city. You can find some pretty old and cool looking hardcovers there. I can spend an hour or two just looking around. I don't know what it is, but something about used books gives them a certain "character."


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Oh definately, I get used books all the time, not only is it a money saver but to me there's something kinda cool about a book that's had a whole life before you :lol: Also, as I tend to sometimes read by author (for example atm i'm reading Dean Koontz books) it's MUCH easier to find old books in second hand stores. Plus if it's a charity store it's an extra bonus that the money goes to good causes.


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Used books is the way to go, unless you want a really, really nice hardcover or something along those lines.
I have never in my entire life ever paid retail for any book. Yard sales, church bazaars, thrift stores AND the Goodwill are only a few of my book buying haunts. Another wonderful way to buy books is when the library has it's once yearly 'cleaning out the cellar' book sale. Just this past winter my local library was holding a, buck a box, sale on books. Man, I left there with over three boxes of books! I would have bought more but my kid was getting impatient. And at seven, his lack of patience is not a pretty thing. But, I figure I've now got enough to hold me over for a little while.
Yes, I've definitely used Goodwill and other thrift stores to shop for books. They're not a very popular item, I guess, so they're almost always very low priced.

My favorite book store is Half Price Books. As the title suggests, they sell used books at half the price--or less--of new ones. I can browse in there for hours.


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I go to the local goodwill all the time for used books. Since I have a book business going it's a great cheap source to buy inventory. It's sad though, I have so many books but I very rarely actually open one up.


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I've purchased several books from the Good Will this year and I haven't read one of them yet. I tend to buy large novels and I can't ever seem to find the time to read them because I don't like to start one unless I can plan ahead to have time to finish it.


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Books are a lot cheaper at goodwill, except you have to look around for a long time to find what you want because they are not organized at all.