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Good Trades for LA?


Registered Member
Ive done some research on ESPN's trade machine so here are trades that ive come up of which is the best for the team so far:

Jermaine O'Neal:


Pau Gasol:


Emeka Okafor (I dont expect them to trade Emeka, im just doing this for fun):


i personally like these trades and give me your opinions if you guys want


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The Gasol one I can't ever see working because many teams offered more then that and the Griz turned them down and come on its Gasol , You know your gonna have to give up more to get him.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Yeah these are good trade for L.A. just not for the other teams, the only way I see these working are if the player demands a trade and wants out. Would be nice to see a Jermaine and Kobe tandem.


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but then again, the Pacers want Andrew bynum in a package for ONeal so you never know what might happen
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