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Good RPG games, and other questions


New Member
Can anyone tell me some good RPG games that are worth buying for
XBOX 360

Something along the lines of
Starocean 3
Eternal Sonata
Phantasy Star Universe***** (more like this game)

Can someone tell me?

I heard Disgaea was good...
Can someone tell me some good RPG games like those?

And also...is there a PS2 Emulator that works??


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well, as for a PS2 emulator, why not get a real PS2? It's much better than any emulator would be, plus emulation is illegal.

Have you tried Oblivian?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
You'd need a very, very good computer to run a PS2 emulator.

Oh, and get Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for 360 and come back to thank me later.

Make a test character too see what stats you need to make your major attributes, play it for about five to ten hours, then build your real character.


Registered Member
And also...is there a PS2 Emulator that works??
There is, but it does require a very powerful computer to work. The emulation is also imperfect, so you're better off using a real PS2.

You might try the Tales games (Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss) and Rogue Galaxy. They are similar to some of those you listed.