Good Parents?


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Can you name specific things (no answers like "they're loving") that your mom/dad did or does that make you think they're good parents?


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The only thing I can think of because I left on my own devices a lot is the fact that they taught me independence and to not rely on anyone but yourself.


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They did not teach me independence but I was forced to be independent.

My mother taught me to be considerate and understanding. She taught me to stand up for myself and be brave and that confidence is not how you feel but how you are perceived(a great lesson).

Sadly that is about it, I missed a lot of lessons and guidance from them, most of what they taught was by error and experience. My mother struggled with alcohol for many years and my father was absent for most of my later childhood. I call it learning the hardway! Most of the respect and morals I learnt came from my Grandfather.

Do I think they were good parents? Not really, under the circumstances my mother tried and us kids were the least of her troubles, recently I had to tell her how I felt about how she raised us(or lack of), it was the hardest thing I've done.
My father until recent years I have had little time or respect for, his new wife has influenced him for the better and only now have we resolved most of our differences. Sadly all this has come in my late 20's many years after it should of been.


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My father taught me to be a gentleman, something I'm rather proud to be able to call myself (most of the time that is).


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My mother always taught me to be respectful to adults and always show good mannors, she was very persistant in making sure my brothers and I understood that not everyone is nice but that doesn't mean their mood should effect on how you treat others.



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Another thing my mother and father did that I'm very grateful for, is teach me that there are all sorts of people in the world with all sorts of looks, beliefs, and statuses. I think more children need to be taught this.


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I'm taking notes. :nod:
lol... well on the subject, I mentioned earlier that my mother told me about confidence. The way she described it was that when you look into a mirror all you see is a person, you rarely see any of the emotion that you experience on the inside. So by standing tall and walking and talking with a confident manner you will be seen as being confident even if you lack confidence and are a nervous wreck on the inside nobody will be able to see these feelings, they can be your secret.


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My parents taught me the importance of education, open-mindedness, tolerance, and manners when guests are over. Also they provided me with schooling at private Catholic institutions. I think that was very important in my development. They also taught me the importance of family. I am very close with most of my relatives.

However, I think my parents had some glaring failures when raising me. They were over-protective and that impeded my social learning curve when younger. They were self-sacrificing being teachers but failed to look out for themselves. They say I have a selfish trait that they didnt teach me. I have no problem looking out for number 1. I went to areas of completely different schooling when younger. They were a bit strict on bedtimes, swearing, etc.

Looking back I would have to say I know what areas to improve upon if/when I have kids. My parents did not let me make mistakes too much. I think they just needed to let me figure things out more as oppose to having them tell me what to do.


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My mother fails. My father and I where ... associative for most of my early childhood, as if some barrier existed that I cannot name. Since later high school he's been more supportive, and does help me with a few things, but largely I'm alone on it.