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Good ol' days


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It kind of old news, but since it's Bush Sr's birthday today, Sunday Morning had brought it up. Back in March, Newseek magazine refuted a article they did on Bush back during his presidency.

A Wimp He Wasn?t - Newsweek

“But now people are looking back at how he treated people and how Washington is now. And they’re appreciating how he harkened back to an era in which people were treated with respect and in which politics had some civility,” Popadiuk says. “The mutually cooperative way he tried to address things, the calm way he handled things in crisis. People see it today as a strength.”


Embrace the Suck
I've always been a fan of Bush 41. Very civil in tone, a true gentleman and war hero. When I was in law school in Houston I went to a lot of Astros game and Bush was usually there, in his seat behind the catcher. When they'd show him on the big screen he'd always get a standing ovation. I love seeing him back there now on TV.

The way he handled matters, with civility and compromise, are absent in today's politics. We could use more George Herbert Walker Bush's in politics.
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