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SEGA Good ol days


Registered Member
I refer to the time that playing sega genesis was the thing to do as "the good ol days" I loved the teenage mutant ninja turtles games and the power ranger game based on the movie. I loved sonic too. I miss it


"Expect the unexpected"
Yeah ....I remember those days. I think some of these games are still available.......... somewhere.


Sega... I remember playing Streets of Rage, and... Final Fight? One of those was for Sega and that is the only game I recall. I was more attached to the Super Nintendo than Sega. Something about that system that didn't keep me interested it in for that long.


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When i think of "good old days".. i'm thinking Ti99/4a :lol:

But the 90's were a great time to be a gamer (Sega fan or otherwise!)