Good ol' 2D games

Remember the days of playing Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy 3 (6 in US)? What happened...? Hmm... Oh yes, advancement in technology. Does anybody miss those types of games? Do you think developer's should focus some of their attention on 2D games instead of going all out for the latest graphics in current games?

Don't get me wrong, the current RPG games are decent, but something about the 2D games that still keeps me coming back every 2 years or so. Does anybody else bust out their SNES and pop any of the old classics in? I know I do. I just think that developer's should put some time and effort into the basics and create more of these great games. I'm sure there is a market out there for 2D-type games.

Would developer's be too worried about the bottom line or are they just obsess with the latest graphics?

I mean, I love graphics. They make or break games to me. Going backwards seems to be sorta...silly. Its not like focusing on graphics detracts from the gameplay in any a matter of fact, adding a third dimension opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Graphics need to stay.


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Those feelings you get are called "nostalgia". It's not a big deal to see new graphics, they don't take away from the game. There were plenty of shitty 2D RPGs, too.


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I find myself playing old 2-d games all the time in fact just yesterday believe it or not.

I've got a few favorites

Super Mario Bros Series
Donkey Kong Country Series
Sonic The Hedgehog Series (2-D games only)

I have 1 problem with 3-D graphics and that's the fact that some games that were 2-D just couldn't be made into 3-D games but it was done anyway.

We all know that sonic games would have been much better if they had been left in the 2-D style the newer 3-D games are just really stupid and I refuse to play them, if they were still making games like sonic the hedgehog only much longer of course and improving the graphics but making it still 2-D then I'd be totally fine with that.

Sonic games just weren't made to be in 3-D.

Now obviously I'm not against 3-D graphics because 3-D graphics are great but there are just a few games that shouldn't be made in 3-D it just doesn't work that way for some games.


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From what I've figured, if you've "awesome" graphics, you don't need game play. Hell, look at Oblivion. I bought it based on their game play promises and the graphics. It sucked, but they got my 50USD anyways. Editor sucked too.

I do pine for the old 2D games sometimes, they often had neat features here and there. I mean, look at "Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far".
I agree with dDave on the Mario and Sonic games. I played Mario 64 and the controls were all wacky with the cartoonist look to it. The 2D was pretty straight forward, easy controls and you didn't have all this back flipping, shooting out of cannons, flying in the sky in 3D stuff. As for Mario Galaxy. Eer...

I also enjoy the 3D stuff in most of the games I play. I'd just like it if company's every once in a while make a 2D game for old time sakes. Like, include it in a game as a sub-game of sorts. Might even be more popular than the main game it's self. o:)


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2D gaming is very much alive and kicking and is stronger now than it was say 10 years ago. Thanks to the advance in mobile technology and the internet with its restricted bandwidth there are still a lot of 2D games being produced, played and loved.(I know asI still make graphics for them;)).

Mobile phones do not have the graphic capability to fully support 3D at a respectable level, yet mobile gaming is a selling point and a popular market. Only in recent years with high speed bandwidth becoming mainstream is it possible for applications like Java to support 3D and the 3D we are seeing is reminiscent of the early low poly count that we saw in the early 90s, games consoles maybe on their 7th generation producing games with some beautiful graphics but they are only the tip of the iceberg of the gaming market(so they get the media's attention) but there is a lot of stuff below them including a huge 2D gaming genre.

2D gaming is anything but dead nor is it defined to the past! Look around and a lot still exists and more shall exist tomorrow.

Now text based games is a whole different story! remember them? Graphics destroyed them only a few hardcore people still produce and play them.

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^^screw that! graphics are better however bad they might be


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3D graphics are OK now that we've got machines capable of doing it well. Back in the mid to late 90's...those were some ugly games. I think the 2D games of the previous generation have aged much better than the first generation of 3D.

I remember this game for the Genesis called "Ranger-X" ... it was my favorite in 1995 and it might still be today. :nod: