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TV "good news everyone" [ Futurama related ]


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Here's the official word on Futurama!!
David X. phoned me about an hour ago and said that this Futurama project
is a done deal! Here's the word from DX---
There are 4 DVD movies that we'll start recording at the end of July or
August.Full feature length FUTURAMA movies.
Everybody is excited to get back together--as I am!

Into the Future,

booyah! finally, more Futurama! i hope it blends well with the rest of show and doesn't seem out of place.

i also read something about Futurama being aired in Australia [ or maybe it was another place ] and having it follow the Simpsons, and that Futurama was the top show in it's time slot with millions of viewers. go Futurama~!


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
This is a great sign for the possible future life of Futurama. I'd love for DX and MG to be able to make new episodes after the movies. You can bet I'll buy all four of the DVD's to show my support.

Fox can bite my glorious golden ass.


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Already find out... all I can say is...


These do well, and I'm sure Futurama will be getting new episodes! And even if there aren't any, I'll be happy with the DVDs. I've already seen all the episodes, so I want to see something new.


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Sweet, I like that.

I've always wondered why Fox brought back Family Guy yet not Futurama.

I'm probably the only person who doesn't like Family Guy, it's just not funny to me... :nod:


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Trust me, you aren't the only one who doesn't like Family Guy. There's a lot of people who hate it. Mostly trolls who hate it because others like it. They usually say it always steals jokes from The Simpsons... and I've never once seen any of them give an example with that argument. Whenever someone asks for an example, they either leave, ignore it, or cleverly dodge giving examples while still replying that they hate it.


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RarePD said:
I'm probably the only person who doesn't like Family Guy, it's just not funny to me... :nod:
I'm not too fond of family guy. They're too "expectedly funny". It seems like they try to "present" their jokes. And while most of them are funny, when they bomb, they bomb, leaving nothing but awkward silence. I'm more of a unified central theme comedy guy, which is why I like stuff like South Park more than stuff like Family Guy.


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I like that South Park episode where they actually pay homage to The Simpsons. "Simpsons did it!"

That was the funniest thing I saw since Triumph The Insult Comic Dog DVD.

Now that's some funny s***.