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Good morning


New Member
Hello for all you nice (or unnice?) users of this possibly nice community. I'm koipen.

(The rest is noise)


Registered Member
Hello and welcome! Nothing's totally nice but GF totally roolz! Tell us about yourself and make some noize in the threads! :)


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, koipen! We look forward to your noise, and I say the place is very nice. Good people. :)

I look forward to seeing your posts!


Lion Rampant
Welcome to GF, koipen! Are you a fish breeder? I've heard of koi having fins, but not the other way round.

Also, one of the other posters in this thread is lying. I leave it to you to sort out which member or moderator it is. :hmm:


Where is my Queen?
Welcome to the jungle, looking foward to hearing from you in all subjects. Most people are nice here for the most part.


Registered Member
Good morning, hello, and welcome. Jump on in.