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Good Morning!


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(grumble) Well it's MONDAY Again! lol......

I hope everyone had a really good weekend. I had a good one, the weather was nice, it was just a VERY busy one!

I would like to know how everyone's auctions are going. Most of mine are ending today and I'm happy to say I have sold most of my stuff. I will give thanks to this site for helping me bring traffic to my Auctions. I am debating on if I should build a web page to give information on how my "paying off my debt" is going. Only thing with that is I would have to start off with a free page at first, and that would limit my traffic. Well anyway, i'm thinking out loud here.......

Please drop a line and let us all know how your current auctions are doing and give us the opportunity to check them out!!

Jen (Hey its Monday, we all need hugs on Monday!) LOL

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Good Morning to you also...

While it is monday (I HATE MONDAYS) It seems like it will be a decent day.

Good luck with your auctions... let the gods grace you with last second bidders that drive up the value of your auctions!

I would like to see your site (submit to "The Plug" Please!!) but I dont know if I would pay for something like that. I would also certainly love to help you out, but im currently haveing problems of my own!! but I dont want to get into that right now...


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Thanks DArth! Just the mention of wanting to help makes me feel good. I like to think there are lots of good people still out there. I'm a pretty giving person myself (like you, when i can). Recently I've been giving my time (and including my 13 year old daughter in on this too) to St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis Tn. That is one amazing hosiptal!!

I will post my web address in the other thread.


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Hey, good day to everyone, I am very pleased to hear that everything is going good for you Jen. If you need help with the site, you might want to ask Mr. Snipes or Forehead for ideas, I have worked with them personnally in the past, they are both very good at that sort of thing. I, myself, and just learning, but am getting help for Snipes. I also would love to see how you are doing on the debt removal. Well, hope everyones day finishes great.



~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well hi and goodafternoon now.Glad to hear that your auctions are going well. Mine? Well thats another story, it's not doing so good but still have 8 days left.
If you ever need help with normal auctions or collectibles just give me a shout.
I've ben in the biz for almost 16 years. Good luck on all of your auctions.
Till then ................C-ya around the boards