Good Morning, Angels!

Ahhh, so good to be back in a forum.

Hello, my name is Bhama P.W. , here on a nick named Bhepster. I am 16 and I'm from Bandung, Indonesia. I am somewhat a jack-of-all-trades kind of person; you can talk to me about virtually any topic available out there, from hip & casual stuff like games and movies to serious debates and scientific topics such as quantum physics and philosophical problems of life and humanity. :D

I am currently in Senior High school here, and aiming to go to a medical school after I graduate.

My passions are especially gaming and classic movies. I have a quite impressive amount of original PC games and movies, which is pretty extraordinary for someone here in Indonesia (There are no original games store here, and original movies are extremely expensive).

I am also quite competent on computers and tech, so if you have any questions about the latest technologies or if you need to know anything about computer stuff and components, don't hesitate to ask.

Oh, and one more thing; I am an atheist and I'm proud of it. No offense towards you religious people.

Salutations and SAY NO TO RACISM.

Yours truly,