Good morning all!

Good morning all! IT is very nice to meet you all and I hope that I will get chance to discuss matters with you all over time.

And again,

HELLO! :lick:


Gay As Fuck
The British are coming! The British are coming!....and we welcome ya with open arms, a cup of cocoa, and some awesome discussions about random crap we could have talked over the phone about with one another :D. Welcome to GF.



Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the forums my dear friend. It's always nice to see new members joining General Forum. You did the smart thing of joining these boards instead of another one. Just be careful for the blood sucking vampires. I mean have fun.
Thanks for the welcome all!

Not so keen on the "Pom" remark, naughty Aussie!

So, hobbies etc, well, I am AAT qualified, enjoy long walks, gaming and chatting about ramdon things (i.e, this forum!)

So very nice to meet you all anyway :D