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  1. I couldn't find anywhere to put it.

    Billy's parents are fighting

    The mom calls the dad a bastard

    The dad calls the mom a bitch.

    Billy says, "Mom, Dad, what's a bitch and a bastard?"

    Dear ol' Dad says, "Well Billy a bitch is a lady and a bastard is a gentleman."

    When he is going to bed that night he hears, "Oh put your penis in my vagina!"

    So he asks his mom, "Mommy, whats a penis and a vagina?"

    Mom says, "Well a penis is a hat and a vagina is a coat."

    The next day his dad is shaving, and he cuts himself and says, "Shit!"

    Billy asks, "Daddy what's shit?"

    Dad says, "Well, it's a type of shaving cream."

    Later that day his mom is cutting the turkey for the family dinner that evening. She cuts herself and yells, "Fuck!"

    Billy asks, "Mommy whats fuck?"

    Mom says, "Well Billy its a way to cut the turkey."

    Later all the guests come, and Billy says, "Hello bitches and bastards, may I have your penises and vaginas? My dad is upstaris wiping the shit off his face, and my mom is fucking the turkey."

    EDIT: here's a somewhat funny punchline...

    If God wanted people to be queer. he would have created Adam and Steve.

  2. Pugz

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    He did! Steve was the next door neighbour that Adam just happen to shag! ^_^

    And i've heard that joke before, it's not that funny anymore.

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