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Good girly drinks..


Registered Member
Does anyone have any recipes for any good girly/fruity alcoholic beverages? Me and my gf like to drink together but she often finds the things i drink too small and wine coolers are too bubbly for her to drink many of them. So we are looking for something sweet that still has a decent amount of alcohol to it but not carbonated. Perhaps any margarita recipes or various cocktails? Thanks.


rainbow 11!
Take some vodka and dissolve some jolly ranchers into it. obviously, separate the colors, but it's really good.


Problematic Shitlord
Dekuyper makes plenty of light alcoholic drinks and their mixes are great for those who are lightweights or don't like a lot of booze. Mixing some Watermelon Pucker with a soda such as Sprite is always a good bet. Also, rum and cream soda go down unbelievably smooth.

Lastly, Disaronno is a great 'girl' drink mainly because it's very sweet. Disaronno is also very easy to mix and goes down smooth.

On a lighter note, light beer is a girly drink. Yes I said it now deal with it.


Creeping On You
Any kind of hard liquor, mixed with Kool-aid is good. Especially that blue lemonade koolaid. Try it with rum or vodka
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