Gonna shoot that dog


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So the neighbors rothwieler has been coming onto our yard all the time lately. Sniffing at the horses and such. Well, today our little poodle/chihuahua cross dog got off his leash and decided to chase the dog away. Well, the bigger dog picked up the little dog and shook it a few times. We now have one less dog.

So I ask you fellow gfers, suggest to me the brutalist ways you can think of for me to present this rothwieler upon the nieghbours doorstep for when the sunrises. I want the neighbor to step outside his door, and almost pass out from the sight. Suggestions, even illustrations are welcome. (PS. I'm really annoyed at the neighbor right now. First they have crappy internet, and now their dog kills our dog. GRRRRR).


Creeping On You
Kill is too nice of a word for it. Brutally maim, viciously rip apart, grotesquely bone shatter. Those are just some of the more appropriate adjectives I could use.


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Lop off its paws, cauterising each wound before moving on to the next one. Then rip out its teeth and/or scoop out its eyeballs (extra points if you can get them to hang in front of its face)

Of course, you should ignore that load of bollocks. Also, get yer own damn net connection.


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You know, I do this sort of thing professionally...those adjectives walk hand in hand with my...business.

I'm insulted you didn't come to me direct. Of course, I'm a dog lover, so I'd have turned you down anyway, but that's not the point... :glare:

Don't hurt the dog. Lure it to your domain with treats and into a cage. Close the cage and trap the dog. Take the cage to your neighbours house. String the cage up from a tree not too far from the house and then call the neighbours and sound menacing and threatening saying something like "Next time I won't hang him up in the cage..."

Of course, you won't mean it, but they don't know that. :D Also, any violence against a dog will not be condoned. Bad Smelnick! Bad!


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Violence is totally condoned if said dog killed our dog. lol
That's fine... Provided you're willing to pay the consequences when the neighbour sues you and charges you with some sort of cruelty crime. :-/

What you should be doing is talking to the police, and having them give the order to put the neighbour's dog down. Nonviolently. Which I'm sure your mum has already done, anyways (or at least had words with your neighbour).


Creeping On You
The neighbor mentioned shooting his dog, but I'd feel bad if we forced them to put their dog down lol. But yah, if they don't end up doing something (ie. tying up dog, penning up etc etc) then my mom will call the cops. But it's part of Oakbank's jurisdiction and they don't hardly do dick all about anything unless it's traffic related, so whatever. Personally, I don't actually care that much, as long as the dogs stop coming on our yard. The nieghbors are nice enough and stuff, so it'd be a shame to see this dog issue cause a rift.