Golf: What should I expect?


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I'm going to play my first game of Golf this Saturday. My cousin asked me to play and since it was his birthday I couldnt say no. I've avoided playing because I just know I'm going to love it. And any sport that I love to play I end up spending lots of money on!

Since this is the first time what should I expect? Does anyone have any tips? Things to watch for? Recommendations?


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The swing. Maybe hit a range before you go so you know you've got at least a suitable swing?


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I was just going to suggest that and I don't even play golf lol I just like going to the local range to sock a few out there. I do know I have a bad slice :/
- Think of conversations, there will be LOTS of talking out there. It can get really awkward just standing around without saying a word.

- Put on sunscreen/block before you go. You don't want to get a burn by standing out in the sun all day.

- Bring enough money for water. You don't want to dehydrate!

- A new hobby like Golf can go either way. Depending on the course I suggest taking 9 holes instead of 18. You don't want to get caught up in an 18-hold game if you're dreading it the 3rd hole in.
You should work a bit on your swing before hand. Also, bring sun screen and try to wear clothes that breathe well. It's hot as hell on a golf course.

Also, if you aren't great at first, don't get discouraged. Golf if a tricky game to get a hold of for some people.
Don't take it to seriously it's supposed to be funny if your slice it into a tree. Don't feel embarrassed if you miss the ball or you take a huge chunk out of the fairway it's all in good fun.


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Don't try and hit the ball too hard, the harder you try and hit the ball the more you compensate on accuracy.

Just relax and look for a decent range. It's only your first game so don't expect perfection!


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alright! we did a full 18 holes. Took around 5 hours or so but we probably could have gone faster had the peple in front of us not taken so long.

It was basically everything I thought it'd be, and Just like I figured...I'll be running to town today t buy my own set of clubs (taking advantage of Fathers day sales). I did notice that the more non-chalant I took my shots the further and more accurate they would go. When I'd try to smoke 'em outta orbit I'd be lucky to punch 'em out 10 yards in front of me.

I was playing with a bent driver which really sucked. Everytime I borrowed my cousins 1 wood I did much better! You can bet I'll be doing this again.