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It's not me, it's you.
Anyone else like them? It's a band that originates from England and the genre is described as electronic music.

I must admit that most of their songs are a miss for me...but there are a handful that I absolutely adore. It's hard to pick just a few, but I'm going to overload the thread with my favorites.

The first two were featured as ads for Nip/Tuck, so you may have heard them before from that.

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Ooh La La

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Strict Machine

This is my particular favorite for today...and the dog theme reminds me of Bliss. lol

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Number 1

And here are my last 2 favorites.

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Happiness

YouTube - Goldfrapp - Satin Chic


Babeasaurus Sex
Haha how funny!

I was listening to Number 1 earlier! I think goldfrapp are wonderful, they're very overlooked here in the uk i think but their lyrics are pretty awesome and I understand where their music is going.



yellow 4!
I remember liking them a fairly long time ago after hearing ooh la la. That's probably the only song of theirs I would still listen to today but I might give some of the other stuff a try again.