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Nintendo 64 Goldeneye music


Registered Member
Hey Andrew. I know you have all the Goldeneye tracks (supposedly) so I wanted to check mine against yours to see if I or you am missing any. I will post down the names of the tracks that I have recorded from the game.


"music 1/2" refers to actual music that is in the level of the games at some point, with 1 being the main music in the level and 2 being a secondary song (that turns on when something happens, such as an alarm going off or sometimes the end cinema sequence starting).

"remix" refers to a music track that is never in the levels of the game, but can be found in multiplayer and closely resembles a level in the game close enough to where it can be considered a remix of that level.

GE Bond Opening Theme

GE Stage Select

GE Dam Music

GE Dam Remix Music

GE Facility Music

GE Facility Music 2

GE Runway Music

GE Surface 1 Music

GE Bunker 1 Music

GE Bunker 1 Music 2

GE Silo Music

GE Silo Music 2

GE Frigate Music

GE Frigate Remix Music

GE Surface 2 Music

GE Surface 2 Remix Music

GE Bunker 2 Music

GE Bunker 2 Music 2

GE Statue Music

GE Statue Remix Music

GE Archives Music

GE Archives Music 2

GE Streets Music

GE Streets Music 2

GE Streets Remix Music

GE Depot Music

GE Depot Music 2

GE Train Music

GE Train Music 2

GE Train Remix Music

GE Control Music

GE Control Elevator Music

GE Control Remix Music

GE Caverns Music

GE Cradle Music

GE Cradle Music 2

GE End Credits Music

GE Aztec Music

GE Aztec Music 2

GE Temple Music 2

Some of them I know I'm missing, such as Aztec music 1 and the elevator music for the caverns level. I haven't been able to record them clearly so far. So check your list to see if you have everything and see if there's any others that I missed.
At that page I linked to, click on "download songs" in the bottom right corner. It will bring you to the FilePlanet site where you download it from one of their servers.


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I got them all. Some of them seem shorter than the ones I have, but I'm pretty sure I saw some variations after the first repitition on some of them. I'll have to keep my originals around until I check them out. Thanks for letting me know about this. Now I gotta look up TWINE and some other games.