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Golden Palace Ghost Cane found in my Cheetos!


Registered Member
LMAO................oh doubles and I thought they were really talking to me from the dead!! LOL


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Well.Jen we wont tell nobody Its your secret.


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Congrats on makeing the pulse Jen.


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Msbabedoll said:
LOL funny how all these dead presidents and their wifes keep sending messages, but then I am auctioning off a haunted cheeto!
You know Jen.... If these "DEAD PRESIDENTS" really want your attention, they need to jump out of the email and into the Paypal!!!! ahahahahahahahahaa!


Wanna play?
Hope this one goes BIG for ya grandma!!!!!!! :D My fingers are crossed!


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Hey maybe you shouldn't be auctioning off your cane now that you're a grandma!


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oh i can't believe she is a grandma.............lol but I am sure she is a great grandma.........