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  2. SamusAran86

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    with a starting bid of 19,999.00 and a but it now only 1 dollar more, it looks like (the person) is looking to make more money than the 15,000 she made for the name change lol
  3. Dragon

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  4. ilovemysteries

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    She's selling a top line home entertainment system too, so maybe she just needs money. A lot of it.
  5. nani1987

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    you may not know her stituation, she has 5 kids all are young. I got to know formally known as terri now is She has her own website the site casino so no confusion.. has set up for her.
    She is like a sis to me so , I can relate why she is doing it... I am disabled with MS and she and been emailing back and forth alot , she is doing it for the same reason I am . for our family. ...... right now I have my wheelchair up for advertising for life.
    it ends tonite at 1034pm but I have 60 bids and over 10k hits I have a low reserve, but I am doing it to get my medications and get some of my bills down, I will have hopefully 2 winners, since i have 2 wheelchairs... one manual one motorized.. so why not......... hope they will be around......... maybe maybe or terri- who knows maybe the media will pick up on it some more.... already been on several radio shows and tv... the lastest was "david lawerance show".
    well remember this, when someone post an auction their could be tons of reasons behind it..... and oh her post of her clevage ad auction was pulled . 1. ebay pulled it
  6. missmel2

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    I found one thing about all of the ebay odd auctions I've ever seen that dont involve the children , i think they a re great I mean why not? if your creative , can come up with the idea, and market it, all the more pwer to ya! I hope it gets the people that do it what they need from it :)

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