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So lately the WE (Womans Entertainment) channel has been playing non stop episodes of Golden Girls, I for one am a fan of the show thanks to my mom. During Thanksgiving or Christmas they would always play marathons of the show and my mom would watch it, so then I started to watch it and finally got hooked. The humor on there is classic and Betty White is a favorite actress of mine, sad story to here the Bee Arther passed away though :(

Has anyone else watched or does anyone else like this show on GF?

lol, 'g'.

Yeah, I like this show! Haven't watched it that much since it's hard to catch on TV with the channels I have. If I see it on I'll always watch it though 'cos they make me laugh.


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Yeah, Ive seen it a few times. My mum told me about how she used to watch it.

From what I saw I thought it was pretty alright, if it was on tv I would watch it for a while.


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Oh yes. I have seen every episode multiple times. Everyone I know likes it so it is and easy settling ground, so it seems like I am watching it everyday. It never gets old though since it has been a favorite of mine for a good 10 years or so.


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It is one of my favorite shows. There will be a marathon on Monday on WE.
Haha I think it was Monday then when I noticed it was playing over and over again, now I know they do Marathons on that day I'll make sure to record it. :lol:



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It is one of my favorite shows. There will be a marathon on Monday on WE.

Each time I see your posts, I start singing the theme song because of your signature picture.

I used to watch it when I was younger. The elders at home watch it and it was great. I wish I can see some episodes again. I don't think this series is part of what they usually re-run here from the past.


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I am a fan of this show, I've seen every episodes. I think its a pretty entertaining sitcom, I enjoy every characters from the show. I believe the top two funniest characters from the show were mother and daughter, Sophia and Dorothy.