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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by StroShow, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. StroShow

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    I was wondering who your choice for American League Goldglove Shortstop would be? Mine has to be John McDonald from the Toronto Blue Jays. He's argubly the best defensive shortstop in the league. But playing in Canada, not being a known name and not being a power hitter will probably rob him from the hardware. But I really want you guys to see some of the amazing highlights he pulled off this year.

  2. Tigers246484

    Tigers246484 Guest

    I would have to agree, he is a nightly web gem, but sometimes that stuff does get overlooked by superstars. If a guy like Jeter gets it dont be suprised, but McDonald is the best defensively in the AL.
  3. natnsoxfan

    natnsoxfan Guest

    Jeter is so overrated defensively its sickening. McDonald is great, but Yunieski Betancourt would get my vote. His range is unreal, I remember watching an M's vs. Red Sox game earlier in the season and he got to a ball up the middle very few would've gotten to, he also has great range going to his throwing side and has a real strong arm.
  4. Tigers246484

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    I know hes overrated defensively. Arod was too when he won the GG with Texas. It was almost a charity after they gave the MVP to Tejada when Arod's stats were better. But having said that, Gold Gloves do tend to go to guys with lofty track records (Vizquel, Ozzie Smith), or guys that had very solid offensive seasons to go with it. If you ask me guys like Jack Wilson and Rey Ordonez of years past have deserved gold gloves annually with how many balls they were able to get to, but it didnt work like that.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    My vote goes to McDonald as well, I watch the Jays on a daily basis and I see this guy make unbelievable put outs every single game he's incredible. But I believe that Betancourt or Cabrera will win the award this year, even though I think McDonald should win it hands down.
  6. StroShow

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    Yunieski Betancourt is a solid shortstop. I've seen him do some unbeleivable plays, but I guarantee if John McDonald played in the states his highlight reels would be all over ESPN. If you didn't watch the video Natnsoxfan I suggest you do because is range is at full force during that video.
  7. natnsoxfan

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    Betancourt is far better than solid defensively, If theres anything the guy can do its field. I won't bring up any defensive stats because, quite frankly, I don't trust any defensive stats at all in terms of measuring range and zone and what not, I just go with what I see. I've seen Betancourt in games against the Red Sox get to balls in the hole and up the middle that I didn't think were possible, not to mention he has a rocket for an arm. McDonald is well above average and probably just as deserving but Betancourt would get my vote.

    Just as a sidenote the respect/Canada excuse doesn't play here because ESPN has become quite affixed with McDonald and Seattle isn't a huge baseball market either, you hardly ever hear anything about anyone in Seattle except for Ichiro and King Felix and Ibanez on occasion.
  8. soberdennis

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    I think most Yankee fans would agree that Jeter is overrated defensively, but not overall. Their best defensive SS plays 3b for them.
    Personally I think the whole Gold Glove is way overrated. Brooks Robinson was very good defensively, but at the end of his career there is no way he was better than Aurelio Rodriguez or Greg Nettles. That is a perfect example of how overrated the award is. Once a guy gets it, he keeps getting it almost automatically until someone else that really stands out comes along or he retires. It is a joke.
  9. Rios15

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    My vote has to go to Johny Mac. He makes a great play everyday he on the field. I hope hes an everyday starter next year for the Jays.
  10. Fireball

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    Ok, I'm a huge Mariner fan, and I'm not sure I'm understanding the love for Betancourt on this forum. The guy has the most errors in the major leagues, and you dont give gold gloves to a guy who leads the league in errors. Almost all of his errors are on the throw, incidentally enough. he may have good range, and above average hands, but it don't matter if he can't make the throw to first! So many times I've put my head in my hands after watching a blown Betancourt play.

    The answer is Orlando Cabrera.

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