Goku signature


first non basketball sig in a long time... i went back to something i loved years ago...


u guys like it??
can someone do me a favor and make an avatar of that signature thats 80X80..??
with same border size and type?? please? it will be appreciated


whenever i make an avy like this

it doesnt work in my other forum.. i dont know why.. its 80x80 and everything.. but it still says its too big


the other forum max limit is 80X80 or 19.5 KB of file space..

it says that avatar i showed above is 26.7 KB ....



Le Marquis de Carabas said:
That could be the problem. Have you tried lowering the quality of your image?
yea well look at the quality of this

that quality sux.. but w/e ill just use another avy..

thanks though Le marquis.. and im glad u liked the signature :D

:D thanks Marquis for the avatar..

i appreciate it..

and mr. Blur when are we going on vBulletin?? any date scheduled??
too bad 150X150 gets cut off at a mere 1024x768 resolution (not by much of course, but still need a little scrolling)

By the way, here is an 80x80, nice quality, not even 5K