Going up and down stairs


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How do you go up and down stairs?

I either run up them two at a time, or sort of.. crawl up them, with my hands like two steps in front of my feet.

When I go down stairs I turn a little bit and run/sidestep down them, because you have to turn either left or right at the bottom of my stairs.

I don't think I ever just walk up and down stairs normally, unless I'm with other people.


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I must say first off your avatar disturbs me on so many levels lol

On to the question of stairs, I usually go up and down them sort of at an angle because my feet seem to be larger than the step and I don't like planting my foot down all the way without something solid beneath it. Going down I'm usually almost to a run just to get down them fast and going up I go very slow and meticulously because #1 I'm just that lazy and #2 I always seem to trip going up them.


Sally Twit
I walk up the stairs one at a time holding on to the rail. When I am coming down the stairs I run down them one at a time and also hold on to the rail.
I'll start to walk up one at a time then switch over to two at a time and then back to one until I'm finally at the top. Coming down I'll do a jog one at a time.

I don't like to holding/touching the rail in case of germs. Eww! >.<;


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I walk them one at a time, but really fast. I can't do 2 at a time because i'm so short, and every time I attempt to, I fall flat on my face.


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I walk them one at a time, but really fast. I can't do 2 at a time because i'm so short, and every time I attempt to, I fall flat on my face.

I lol'd at this.

I could run up the stairs two at a time when I was like 10.


Oh, poppycock.
I seem to not have the ability to walk down stairs. I just run. I loose my balance if I walk or something. I only ever even slightly walk at night when I'm going down for a snack. As for coming back up, I tend to stop and go because my most visited set of stairs overlook my living room so I talk to people as I go up.


I tend to run up 2 at a time, or do the 'crawl' motion (I thought I was the only one!). When coming down I either side jog or just normally walk.


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Going up/down stairs at my home I tend to walk as it is an open wooden staircase which makes a lot of noise if you try to run up them.
At my parents house it is a different so i tend to run up but using my hands as well so I am almost on all fours, coming down I tend to go a couple of stairs at a time.

If I am working somewhere where we are constantly up and down the stairs I walk up but on the way down I depending on the amount of stairs I will grab the handrails, swing my legs out and jump down them.


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Going up, I kind of crawl up the stairs like you, Twitch. Or I'll just run up them two at a time.

Going down, I jump down the stairs about six at a time while holding onto the rail in case I slip.