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Oldschool Going to the Arcade


Well-Known Member
Anybody ever go to the actual arcade? (No, not the one we have here at GF)

I was just bowling and decided to take a spin at classic Ms. Pacman.

The game is SUPER fast compared to the one we have here at GF. The ghosts are a bit dumber though. I got 42600 points and saw levels that we don't have in our arcade.

Lots of fun.

Anyone else?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I used to love going to the arcade on the boardwalk on our beach trips every summer when I was a kid. I don't remember what games I played except for The Simpsons, and then when I got into my teens I enjoyed playing racing games more.


Son of Liberty
I grew up going to arcades, there were numerous ones around town. I used to routinely get the high score in Tempest and Galaga. I miss arcades.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use to take my son to them and watch him play. Didn't play much myself unless they had a pinball machine.


Registered Member
Yeah, I've always enjoyed arcades. I still occasionally go now... the car/motorbike racing and basketball games are usually the chosen ones. Haha.


I just went this past weekend. We were in Maine for a concert and decided to stop at Old Orchard Beach. I went into the arcade by the pier and was lost for $20 worth of time. Haha. I loved it, I had definitely missed it.